My Fangs Are Wet

by Danny Dysentery

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All stuff written played and recorded by Danny in a room by himself in the dark. Stuff mixed, vocals on Poor Jack and Dead 4 Days and art stuff by Stacy. Due to bad recording and/or stupidity, lyrics are provided for your convenience.


released March 28, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bloodbath!
From the grave, I rise at night. For your flesh, I strive to delight. I bathe in your blood, I eat your young. From your life I take my keep. For your blood to reap. I bathe in your blood, I eat your young. I am forever. I own the shadows.
Track Name: Poor Jack
We're gonna scrape out your guts, then were gonna carve you up, stick a fire in your mouth, set you out front of the house. Poor jack, yr on fire. But then you expire. Pretty soon you'll start to shrivel. And your skin it will wither. Your body will collapse. Your time has already passed.
Track Name: Dead For Days
You can go on, and get gone. It won' take you very long. Just do something, do something wrong, cuz I want you - dead for days. Dead! For Days! Maybe you could start to rot, go ahead and buy the lot, just give it a shot, cuz I want you, dead for days.
Track Name: Laughing at Me
I'm always backwards, fumbling for the exit. Tripping over, more fears to forget. When the wind shakes all the trees, it always sounds like someones laughing at me. I wonder if worry has time to worry or if she just sits and nods politely. I hear it all around, its always a joke on me.
Track Name: Never Could
I've got this memory of you, but none of the details are true. Cuz yr wearing clothes you never would and yr saying words you never could. Never could. I got this feeling about you, no matter what you won't be true. Cuz yr doing things you never should, and your saying words you never could.
Track Name: Here Comes the Night
Here comes the night. I make my moves in the dark. Your in my site, its yr life but my mark. I'll have you, yes I'll have you. In the moonlight, my kiss with be yr death,. With just one bite, I will have yr last breath. I'll have you, yes I'll have you. Here comes the night.
Track Name: Goth Baby
Shes dressed just like death - pale makeup and a black dress. Shes a ghoul. A beautiful. and if she needs a toy, I'd like to be her boy. They all call her zombie, but shes my little goth baby.
Track Name: The Living Dead
Here in they come in full force, they got us outnumbered of course. They'll eat us up if they find where were at, so lets avoid that. We got a shot if we hit them in the head. Well maybe not, but that's what Romero said. Here they come, its the living dead.
Track Name: Do You Wanna Drink About It?
Bottoms up, to the ceiling, pretty soon we'll be meeting the bathroom floor. And if there's time for another, lets turn this little blunder around for more. Let's have another round. We'll was all the bad feelings down. Do you wanna drink about it? So let's drink until hung over, then we'll get a little sober - just for fun. But the night keeps a calling, so lets stop all this stalling and get this done. Do you wanna drink about it?
Track Name: No Place for You
I'll disregard yr regard, and send you a get sick card. I thought made myself clear, there's no place for you here. If I box up all the past, it doesn't mean that I can't laugh.
Track Name: My Fangs Are Wet
Oh the night, it does inspire, my feral eyes full of desire. And your flesh is my desire. My feral eyes full of fire. Yr sweet scent. So fragrant. My fangs are wet. And the night, it doesn't tire. My feral eyes never expire. But yr flesh, it will expire. My feral eyes full of fire. Yr sweet scent. So fragrant. My fangs are wet!