King Hell

by Danny Dysentery

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Cardboard CD available, email for details.


released September 28, 2013

Due to bad recording and/or stupidity, lyrics are provided for your convenience. All stuff written played and recorded by Danny in a room by himself while unemployed. Stuff mixed and art stuff by Erika Ebola. For further information on King Hell, check your local library for Tim Sandlin's Skipped Parts.

Thanx, Stacy, Gabby, Binki, Goose Island, and Moe.



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Track Name: King Hell
Maurey says let's give it a try. Ended up with mayo on her thigh. With a taco we did learn, then it took a pregnant turn. King Hell. King Hell. She was there at the abortion center. It was Maury's mom right next to her. Coach Stebbins nearly drover her crazy. She's naked now screaming for her baby. King Hell. King Hell. She broke her leg and her water. Not fourteen but Sam's a father. King Hell. King Hell.
Track Name: The Rewind
I'm not traveling back in time. Not interested in what I can find. Doing the rewind. I'm not digging you or your kind. Not interested in what I declined. Doing the rewind. Somethings get left behind. The rewind.
Track Name: Magic Monkey's Paw
Only a board with a nail can save us when Kudos and Cain, enslave us. Something always go wrong, with my - magic monkey's paw. Every wish is so cursed so why try, even Homer's sandwich was dry. Something always goes wrong, with my magic monkey's paw. The wish I wished wasn't what I wanted.
Track Name: Devil's Island
All the kids are killers, man, on the devil's island. When they rip the flesh from the bone, you'll know that your a long way from home. A long way from home. A long way from home. All the kids are monsters man, on the devil's island. When they cut you deep with their knife, you'll know that its the end of your life. The end. Dr. Lucifer, has his little killers, the devil's island.
Track Name: Goners
What if it don't get any better? And were just stuck with this shit weather? The TV wasn't on. I knew they were gone. I've lost faith in everything. I've just got this numb feeling. The sink was still on. They can't really be gone. Whadda ya know? Whadda ya know?
Track Name: Congratulations Yr An Asshole
You feel real secure living your lies, and when the lie don't fit you buy a larger size. So don't you tell me who's in control. When you wrote the plot, you own the role. Congratulations yr an asshole. Yr not the victim but then you are. And if that's true yr the DICK in charge. So don't you tell me who's in control. When you wrote the plot, you own the role. Congratulations yr an asshole.
Track Name: Jailbird Baby
With you I just wanna be, I just wanna be doing time. Doing time. With you I'm just gonna be, i'm just gonna be, serving time. Serving time. I'm a jailbird now baby. Everything you do just drives me crazy. Your my favorite crime.
Track Name: Separate Ways
Wanna tell you something i can't remember. It was here but now its gone forever. In the end we did our best, even if we've got nothing left. We've gone our separate ways. Ain't got much to say. We've gone our separate ways, forsaken yesterday. You say I take too little credit, I say you take so much its pathetic.
Track Name: raguS
Ragus my love. Your more the grounds in my cup. Ragus my dear. Your the only thing that wakes me up. Your looking oh so sweet and i'm dying for a drink. Ragus my love. Your more than the cream and the caffeine. Ragus my dear, your a taste I crave so serene. Ragus my love...
Track Name: Color & Light
Friday comes with a sense of ease, and I'm happy for that at least. Even if the summer's in her last days, I can still enjoy her rays. And that's okay. I'm soothed by a feeling of ease and warming up to fall's cool breeze. Its a shift of color and light. Shorter days and longer nights. And that's alright. And the last of fall's leaves falls along with yr sleeves. Its time to put yr summer fare away. Its fair to say summer's had her day. And that's okay.